Business is My Passion

Wherever. Whenever. Why? Because I love it! And because I think it’s not possible to get rich just from doing boring “9 to 5” job.

We have only one chance. One life. So just try to enjoy it! I'll help you make your dreams come true!


About me

Event and Marketing
Freelance Specialist

My name is Lukas King. But in my home country, Czech republic, being a king doesn’t mean that much. All my life is a battle with spinal muscular atrophy, which is rare muscular disorder.

Now I am traveling the world. Currently living in Thailand, looking for business opportunities and helping my clients with their own businesses.

Forum Nova Karolina

Shopping mall

I worked there as an Online Marketing Specialist. At that time, my client had the best Facebook profile among all shopping malls in the Czech republic.

Colours of Ostrava

Music festival

For 3 years, I worked as an Online Marketing Specialist. I started to produce successful online presentations (website & social media) of this lovely event.

City of Ostrava

3rd largest city in Czech

For 4 years, I was the member of the City council, chairman of the supervisory board of the OSTRAVAINFO Company and a member of expert committees.

Beats for Love

Czech music festival

For three years, I worked as the VIP manager for 1000 most important VIP visitors of the biggest electronic dance festival in the heart of Europe.

Car Elbee

unique for wheelchair users

I was a patron of the Elbee car: worldwide unique drive-from-wheelchair vehicle, which is now being sold in many countries around the world.

Makro Czech

Business Awards 2014

I was a proud finalist of the Makro Awards. The award appreciates innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs for their success in the business.

Sushi Samurai

local biggest delivery

I founded and owned the biggest sushi delivery in our region. However, I have found that the gastro business is too unfriendly for me.

Many Music Events

catering service

I cooperated with the best production companies (as Mafia Records or Evency Agency) and provided catering services for the biggest hip-hop artists.

My skill

expert skills

I’m team player, which means I always try to build relationships on loyalty and trust. Because when my clients trust me, I have all the freedom I need to achieve the best results and to do the best job possible. Loyalty is my number one priority for long-term relationships.

Online Marketing
Social Media
Event Production
Startup Consulting
Brand Presentation